Fun the the pool

Where swimming becomes action. Whether they simply enjoy swimming or are looking for adventure, young people and the young at heart will love Weidener Thermenwelt. With white water rapids, big jumps and fast slides, fun is guaranteed here.


Children’s pool

Have fun in the water. Children who visit WTW can enjoy an unforgettable experience. The water in the small children’s pool has a temperature of 33 °C – perfect for mermaids and pirates. The children’s fun pool is a highlight for three to nine-year-olds and really lives up to its name.

To the children’s pools

White water canal

Where swimmers become adventurers. Are you looking for a thrill? Then try our white water canal. You’ll feel like a real adventurer as the bubbling water sweeps you away and you dodge the currents and whirlpools. It’s the ultimate in fun!

Giant water slide

Where the brave can have fun. A strong push and you’re into the tunnel. You navigate the curves and then it gets dark, then light again – and suddenly you’re in the refreshing water. The giant water slide snakes its way down for 107 meters – a real highlight for all action fans!

Diving platform

Feel the freedom when you dive. Step by step, daredevil swimmers can make their way up. With our diving platform, you can decide whether you’d like to dive from a height of one, three or even five meters. The pool is four meters deep and with a water temperature of 26 °C you’re sure to feel refreshed.

Climbing wall

Where a challenge becomes an unforgettable experience. Will you make it to the top? Test your climbing skills on our seven-meter water climbing wall next to the diving pool. Three different routes and difficulty levels make climbing and the jump into the water an unforgettable experience.

Swimming courses

Practice swimming and become a safe swimmer. The water is even more fun and relaxing if you can swim – and don’t need to be afraid. At Weidener Thermenwelt, we offer a variety of swimming courses to suit everyone’s needs and help you to become a safe swimmer.

Courses on offer
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