Exercise and have fun. Exercising with other people is even more fun. That’s why we offer you a full range of courses. Find one that’s right for you and meet like-minded people to exercise with.

Fitness courses

Where fitness can be fun. In the water, your body feels lighter. As a result, fitness training under water is usually easier. At Weidener Thermenwelt, we offer various courses that allow you to choose your favorite form of fitness training.

Fitness courses

Swimming courses

Practice swimming and become a safe swimmer. The water is even more fun and relaxing if you can swim – and don’t need to be afraid. At Weidener Thermenwelt, we offer a variety of swimming courses to suit everyone’s needs and help you to become a safe swimmer.

Courses on offer

Panorama 360° degrees

Get more than just an insight. Would you like to take a look at Weidener Thermenwelt before you visit? No problem! With our 360° panoramic tour, you can take a virtual tour of WTW and have a look at the facilities.


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