Cooling Down

Enjoy the refreshing effect of cooling down. The cold after a sauna is just as important as the heat. At WTW, you can cool down properly after your sauna. We have various facilities, so there’s something to suit everyone.


Experience the invigorating effect of ice. Many of our sauna guests cool down in this way. The cold ice on your face and body stimulates your circulation and really gives you a kick!
Try it for yourself!


Outdoor pool

Enjoy the refreshing effect of water. In the cool outdoor pool in the sauna area, you can relax and cool down alone or with other people. A few swimming strokes or a rest at the edge of the pool will do you good between your sauna sessions.

Bucket shower

Have fun with the cold water. The rush of cold water always surprises your body. It gets your circulation moving and strengthens your immune system. Why not try this popular way to cool down?

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