Giant water slide

Where the brave can have fun. A strong push and you’re into the tunnel. You navigate the curves and then it gets dark, then light again – and suddenly you’re in the refreshing water. The giant water slide snakes its way down for 107 meters – a real highlight for all action fans!

Saunas with various temperatures

Where heat helps you to relax. Everyone knows that sweating is healthy. And because we want our visitors to feel good and healthy, we offer saunas with different temperature in the indoor and outdoor sauna area. With temperatures between 60 and 100 °C, relaxation is guaranteed.

Saunas with various temperatures

Snail shell

Where inside feels like outside. The snail shell in our sauna garden is a real highlight among our quiet areas. The room in the shape of a snail’s shell has a waterfall and birch tree trunks and gives those looking for peace and quiet the feeling of being in a sheltered spot in nature. Lie down on one of the 25 loungers, hanging chairs and hammocks, and enjoy absolute peace and quiet.

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