Food and Drink

Where food and drink make you healthy. Whether you’re looking for a little refreshment between or after your sauna sessions or would like something more substantial after your swim: At the wellness bar and our bistro you’ll find delicious and healthy drinks and snacks. 

Food and drink

Take a look at our menu. Delicious food is an important part of a good day out. Take a look at our bistro menu before your visit. That way, you can look forward not only to the facilities at Weidener Thermenwelt but also the food.


Health tips

Where relaxation makes you healthy. A visit to Weidener Thermenwelt is more than just fun and action – it can also help you relax and is even good for your health. We have a few tips for you about how you can do something for your health at WTW.

Health tips

Food for children

Where hungry little pirates go to eat. Swimming, playing and paddling in the water makes you hungry! In our restaurant, young swimmers will find plenty to eat and drink. There’s a choice of hot and cold children’s dishes, snacks and desserts for children.

To the children’s food
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