Spend time together

Relaxing together is even better. Who says you have to be alone in order to relax? Sometimes, it’s even easier to relax when you’re in good company. Have a good time with your partner or friends. Together, you can leave the everyday world behind.

Hot whirlpools

Enjoy the massaging effect of air bubbles. You can really switch off in our two hot whirlpools. The soothing water at a temperature of 36 °C and the massage provided by the underwater jets will calm you down and relax your muscles. Close your eyes, forget day-to-day life and enjoy yourself!

Steam bath

Where you can really switch off. Our steam bath with its warm, tropical rain forest climate is the perfect place to relax. With temperatures between 42 and 45 °C and air humidity up to 100 percent, you can really relax and do something good for your body.

Benefits of the steam bath

Quiet areas

When a visit becomes a vacation. Inside or outside, on your own or as a couple, absolute peace and quiet or with opportunities for entertainment – at Weidener Thermenwelt, everyone will find the perfect place to relax. Enjoy the peace and quiet. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation.

Quiet areas
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